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The Forest's Mission

Waters & air; the greenery & the sun.

Around 70% of the land area in Japan is covered in greenery. In fact, all of the country is made up of enchanting scenery. The gree nery, especially forests (mountain forests), produce large quantities of clean air (oxygen) and possesses indeed great revitalizing powers. Moreover, the water that runs from the mountains constitutes a priceless gift to the flora and fauna in the region. It is widely known by now that Japan is the world's capital of longevity; one of the main reasons for that is definitely its environment and greenery.
It is no secret that the forests are among the main contributors to this blissful nature.
Aren'twe, as h umans, obligated to better understand the source of life, which is our forests, our greenery, and our nature?

Nature and food

The waters that run from the mountain forests undoubtedly greatly affects the meat, the fish, the vegetables and other products that humans consume.
The resource waters that run from the mountain forests definitely significantly helps growing those edible products.
On the surface, these waters contribute massively to the supply of the water that we drink; the water we utilize for industrial proposes; and the water utilized for farms and rice fields among many other things.
In addition, depending on the type of nutrition flowing into the ocean, the waters that into the ocean give birth to many diverse marine ecosystems.
It is of no question that Hokkaido's delicious vegetables and marine products are thanks to the natural environment it is blessed with.

The Close Relationship with the Ecosystems

It is no exaggeration to say that human, fauna, flora and other life forms only exist due to presence of water and greenery. Our beautiful natural environment is earth's greatest treasure. Aren't we obligated as humans to admit the enormous value of clean air and clear water and exercise our effort to protect it?

The importance of nature

We are obligated in this current age at least once to be thankful to the abundant resources and nature's importance; to contemplate and understand the depth of how connected our lives to nature; to feel affection for it; and to deeply think about it. Will the forest (mountain forest) not be the cradle in which nature shall grow in the coming future?
The result of this shall, even by a small amount, limit the effects of global warming and help us prepare for the catastrophes to come and lead a healthy life.

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