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Land value

Whether It Is on Earth or in Space, the Only Thing You Cannot create is Land

The US, China and other major nations can now create all sorts of different products.
Currently, due to advances in IT technologies, some are even trying to reach Mars and Mercury.
However, creating new land on earth is extremely difficult. In other words what exists now is all that we have.

Hokkaido's land is relatively cheep and very large areas are available. However, since what exists now is all that we have, after all the lands here is sold,
creating new lands and obtaining the required materials for that is going to become almost impossible.
There are currently rumors about foreign capital coming to purchase the land at low price; however, even those will reach an end one day.
We have to admit that the land is only as valuable as it exists right now.

Unique Features of Hokkaido's Land

One tsubo (3.31 m) in Ginza in Tokyo is around 100,000,000 yen.
On the other hand, though it depends on the location, shape, convenience and other points,
one tsubo of mountain forests area in Hokkaido range from several dozen yens to a couple of hundreds of yens.
Therefore, it is definitely regarded a cheap, profitable deal at the moment.

During the Bubble Boom, when the lumber prices were extremely high,
Hokkaido's mountain forest was highly regarded; nonetheless, due to importation of cheap lumber from overseas
and the recession the Japanese economy has suffered, currently, the prices for mountain forest lumber is in a terrible state.
Sometimes, it could be as expensive as the workers monthly salary itself.
However, in the past recent years, foreign companies have laid their eyes on the Hokkaido's cheap lands,
mountain forest's lumber resources, and its abundant water resources, and have started purchasing it one meter
after another. Recently, there have been many purchase deals of the land with the aim of utilizing it for
solar power generation or extracting its abundant water resources.
The current reality is that Hokkaido is behind other prefectures In Japan when it comes to development and investment; however, all of this is about to change soon, and we ought to change our outlook with along it.

The importance of nature

Around a fourth of the world land mass is covered with forests, and they produce our fresh air, store reserve water, create lands, and protect ecosystems.
However, reports indicate that, at the current rate, in about 100 years from now all forests shall be gone. We have to think of our children and accept that the current state is not a good one.
Providing our children, who shall hold the future, with a stable earth environment is our grave responsibility.

As we stated in the “The Forest's Mission” section, all kinds of different creatures' lives, including humans lives of course, are deeply connected; and the mountain forests are the lands, but they also include its water resources, the base point for its lumber production, and the habitats for various different creatures as well.
Shouldn't we have the resolution to cherish, love, and be protective of this mountain forest land, which cannot be manufactured and requires ages to regrow again?
Aren't we being blinded by how convenient things have become that we are about to lose infinitely priceless things?
It also important to stop for a second, look around ourselves, be humble, and contemplate deeply about what is really important and necessary.
There is no doubt that protecting the environment and revitalizing destroyed forests shall become our main homework for this age.

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