The valuable grand nature The water resources, The farms, The ranches, The theme parks, The sunlight, The multi us e of the land leading to numerous possibilities


Company's number 4500-01-011934, 114-14 Moutsunai, Hamatonbetsu-cho, Esashi-gun, Hokkaido
Company 's name Hokkaido Ryokuchi Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Office Nagatani Shinjuku Building 1106, 4-31-3 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Method for sending a notice Conducted according to the method posted in the official gazette.
Date of the company's establishment January 12, 2017 (Heisei:29)
  • Management of wild flora, the utilization of plantation resources, forestation, and the sales of produced lumber
  • Management of the ranches and farms
  • Production, sales and import of seafood and other agricultural products
  • Working in trade and trade consultancy
  • Working in real estate consulting
Total number of authorized shares 10,000 shares
Total number issued shares and their types and number 100 of total issued shares
Sum of capital 5 million yen
Provisions regarding restrictions on shares' transfer In order to acquire the shares of the Company through transfer, approval in the General Meeting of Shares must be obtained.
Inquiries regarding role division Director, Nonomiya Takemi (野宮 武美)
Important deal banks Chugoku Ginkou (BANK OF CHINA)
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Mizuho Bank
Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank
Chugoku-Kotsu Bank Tokyo Branch
Group companies

Employee knowledge

  • Customer first, profit second
  • Work first: No casual language
  • Ingenuity, research
  • Documents are to be accurate, confirmation of duplicate and responsibility are required
  • Respect for privacy, self-responsibility
  • Thorough management of customers’ information and no leakage
  • Conservation of resources and stopping the wasteful movement
  • Health first: No overeating, overdrinking or oversleeping
  • Thorough filing management, maximum efficiency and results
  • Taking extra care of repeating customers
  • Reaching work early, and work overtime is the food to hone yourself
  • Minding time and place for clothes, and tidying up your workplace
  • Words are to be accurate and concise whether it is on the phone, during sales, or in everyday life, in Japanese, Chinese, and English
  • Money depositing and withdrawal is to written regardless of amount
  • Avoiding unnecessary involvement with police, tax offices, gangs, etc.

Director, Nonomiya Takemi (野宮 武美)

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